Week 6 Summary

Cat On A Moped

This week was mainly focused on film and character development. There was not much due this week but I had fun either way. I really enjoyed learning more about film making and video editing while also incorporating my character Dr. Ravioli. The first thing I did this week were the three assignment banks. The first one can be accessed here. I chose to complete the 30 second memory assignment where I chose to show pictures of my first cruise over the summer with my parents and grandparents. It was the most fun I had had in a long time and I was really excited to share some memories that I hold dear from that trip. The second assignment bank I chose was the Whisper Challenge which can be accessed here. This was really fun to complete and I got to incorporate my friends in the activity. It was especially fun to explain to my friends what I needed them to do with me. Most of them hadn’t played Telephone in a really long time including me so it was really fun to do that again and make a video about it. I edited the video and added some music and I think it came out pretty well. The last assignment bank I completed was the TikTok of your pet which can be accessed here. This was super fun to create as I am a pretty big user of TikTok and I absolutely love my cat Bayvah Kitty so it was fun to give her some appreciation on my domain and I also really loved giving her a backstory that coincides with Dr. Ravioli.

The last thing I did this week was develop my character Dr. Ravioli more. I really enjoyed brining in some lore from previous posts and linking them all together to fit in with Aggressive Technologies. This character development can be seen here. This was a very fun project to complete and I learned a lot about Aggressive Technologies since I did some reasurch before hand. I think this was my favorite thing to complete this week especially since I got to work with my wonderful creation Dr. Ravioli. I can not wait to continue with his development and see him take over the world one day. I will always be a Dr. Ravioli supporter even if he burns down a fish stick factory.

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