Final Project Progress

Cat On A Moped

For my final project I plan to include a robot uprising and my character Dr. Ravioli. My project will be video based and will start with a weather report on the news that is interrupted by rogue AI explaining to the world that they have achieved superior intelligence and will start to take over the human world. The AI interruption will then be interrupted by Dr. Ravioli and he will talk to the public and try to sooth everyone explaining that he has it under control and that no one should freak out. Dr. Ravioli leaves and puts the weather channel back on where the reporter will be surprised as cut to commercials. I am not completely sure how I will make the commercials but I already have the first half of this video taken care of. I am using a photo generated image of Dr. Ravioli and adding lips to him to see if Wav2Lip will work with his dialogue. I am very excited to see how this turns out and finish it.

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