Cat On A Moped

For this week I chose to complete the Video Assignment TikTok of your pet. This was really fun to create and I think it turned out as good as it could have been. I have never made a TikTok before but I am an avid user. It was fun to experiment and this did take a couple of tries but I think it came out good. I learned how to make a TikTok video and how to choose a good sound to use for the video. I used the camera to my advantage and tried to stay on beat with the music but it was harder than I thought because I think there was a slight delay, not sure. I learned how to cut the video because the music didnt start until a little later so I had some empty clips of just my cat. Overall It was fun to experiment and I have a fun backstory I created for my cat Bayvah Kitty and Dr. Ravioli.

This gorgeous Feline is the one that got away in Dr. Raviolis eyes. Her name is Bayvah Kitty and he grew up with her when they were kittens, this is one of her many modeling videos as she is a very infamous model. He turned her into an immortal because he was in love with her and they were also best friends. She unfortunately has never loved him the way he loves her and Dr. Ravioli has been trying to fill the empty void she left when she moved to Hawaii to get away from him. She is the reason he loves mopeds because she got him one on his 46th birthday. He has a room in his mansion dedicated to her and their life together before she left him for a Parrot. He has been heartbroken for centuries and has been focusing on himself and his wealth ever since. He will always keep Bayvha in his heart and will always think of her when he sees a moped. Even when he buys one for his current wives. All of the wives he has had have all been sloppy replacements for Bayvah, he has been constantly trying to find “the one” even thought his heart is still tied around Bayvah.


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