WALL-E Film Review

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WALL-E is a film set in the future where robots are tasked to take care of the remaining humans left from Earth up on a ship in space and humans killed the Earth due to their polluting the environment.

I have loved this movie since it came out when I was a child. Primarily because of the cute robots but also because of the message it spreads. It is important that we take care of our home, and I think this film really shows how important Earth is to us and how, no matter what, we will always go back to our Mother Earth.


This was a very impactful movie that showed the possible future of humans if we keep living the wasteful and selfish life we are living now. If we keep taking advantage of the home we have, we will no longer be free, and we will no longer have a home. This film does show a life that seems full of luxury, but it is purely based on entertainment and that is all. What kind of life would that be worth living if we couldn’t run free and breathe in fresh air and fall in love? The lives these people are living are being controlled by robots, so they stay happy and immobilized so that when the time comes, they can not stop the AI from eventually taking over.

When I first watched this movie, I didn’t understand the whole meaning of it because I was so young. But now that I am older, I can appreciate the message it is giving more, and I can integrate it into my everyday life. I often find myself thinking about waste and how I can better help the planet and be less wasteful, and I think a big part of that came from how I was raised but also because of this movie and how much I have loved it throughout my life as a child and as a young adult.


This film really shows how AI can evolve over time and how they may become conscious and aware. WALL-E is a robot that was made to clean up the Earth so humans could eventually come back from space, but WALL-E becomes self-aware and is seen longing to be/see humans and collects things from when they were around, he even pretends to be a human and dances along with an old film he found and finds himself also longing for love as he is in complete solitude because all of the other clean up robots have died, he ends up befriending a cockroach and WALL-E shows physical emotion towards his little friend and even feeds him to keep him alive.

This film shows a possible future where humans can no longer live on Earth and depend on robots to keep them alive and thriving. We need to take better care of the Earth we were given so we do not kill everything good that we have and have to leave due to our selfish actions.

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