Cat On A Moped

This final project was fun to complete. I knew I wanted to fit the theme of robot uprising, but I wasn’t sure how I would be able to do that without making a whole movie, so I decided a weather report being interrupted by a rogue Dr. Ravioli-made robot AI would be really cool. I also wanted to make sure my boy Dr. Rav had his share of screen time as he is my favorite creation of all time, and I will be getting an orange cat in the future and naming it after him. Dr. Ravioli is my muse and always will be. I used clip master to put it all together, and I really like the final product. I used a variation of Speechify and Natural Reader for the voices. I hope my video does not get attacked for this clip of a weather reporter I found on YouTube, but I finally figured out how to use Wav2Lip, and it is actually so much easier once you understand it. I tried to get Dr. Ravioli to mouth a few words and even edited a human mouth to his face, but Wav2Lip was not having it. I had to time each text-to-speech dialogue and the video it would match with to make sure it flowed nicely. This video took me all day to finalize and put together as I tried to use an assortment of different tools. I even used my favorite AI photo generator, Koala, for the robot and the amazing photo of Dr. Ravioli. I used Audacity for some of the audio clips and got all of my sound effects and music from Freesound. I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted my commercial to look like at the end, but I think it came out really well. I used AI to help come up with weird side effects and added that at the end. I also used AI to come up with a script for the robot since that seemed fitting. I think I learned a lot by completing this assignment, and I think this project showcases what I can accomplish with digital media. This took a lot of work but I am very happy with the outcome and will be sharing it with my friends and family. This course has been one of my favorites this semester, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to take it. I think the skills I learned will follow me through life. I hope everyone likes my video. I finished this all in one day, so I do not have a mid-week progress report, but I love how this came out.

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