Cat On A Moped

This week was super fun. I got to meet my group mates and come up with a name and theme for our radio show. I am very excited to start working on Ravioli Radio and I am really happy to know that Dr. Ravioli is very well liked. I didn’t want to steal all of the spotlight but my groupmates all agreed on Ravioli Radio and the title and as Dr. Ravioli being the host of our radio show. I am super excited to see where this goes and I cant wait to work with my group mates on this project.

The other project we were asked to complete this week was an AI Tool pitch. I chose the site Koala which has a very good image generator and even has a chat feature that can be used to help in any way. My pitch can be accessed here. I used a free text to speech tool and recorded and and edited it in Audacity. I really like the AI text to speech and will most likely use it in my radio show. I experimented a little more with Koala and I think this is my favorite AI image generator. Here is an Image Koala created for me.

Finally I completed my three daily creates this week. They were super fun to create and explore. The first one I completed was turning a photo into a coloring page. I chose the original photo of Dr. Ravioli on his moped. It was a very detailed photo so it did not turn out as good as I had hoped but I still think it looks really cool.

The second one I completed was about addiction. What am I addicted to that I can not go a day without? the obvious answer is girl scout cookies (specifically samoas)

Third and finally, I completed the daily create where we had to add a modern object into a really old painting or photograph and I chose to add a cell phone into The Creation of Adam painting.

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