Week four Summary

Cat On A Moped

This week was all about audio! I learned how to use Audacity and even created my own Sound Cloud account. I really enjoyed this week and cant wait to dive into the next.

Firstly I listened to Moon Graffiti and gave a deep analysis for how sound is used and how it shows emotion, visuals, and scenery. This audio story was extremely detailed and I cant imagine how long it took to make. I had a lot of fun listening to it and sharing my thoughts on what I thought meant what and how I visualized different sounds. This can be accessed here.

Secondly I created my Radio Bumper for the Ds106 radio. This was very fun and I got to start learning how to use Audacity while also doing something fun and enjoyable. I decided to use my Jennifer Coolidge impression for this because I thought that would be fun and creative and really annoying to hear on air. My radio Bumper can be accessed here.

Next I listened in on Monday to the Ds106 radio with a group of us from class while we discussed audio techniques in the story we listened to and how we were thinking about different things happening. This was really interesting and fun to collaborate with other people in the class including our professor. we listened to the story Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and my reflection on it can be accessed here.

Fourthly I was tasked with creating a story made of sound. This was really fun to accomplish and it was cool to get the hang of Audacity through this task. Unfortunately I did add a small clip of dialogue before I understood there were not supposed to be any words but I figured that out too late and wasn’t sure how to fix it without having to re-do the entire thing. I think it came out really well and I am happy with what I made. It can be accessed here.

After that I started working on my three audio assignments. I first started with the “Chrome Music Labs” assignment where I had to make a song with this technical tool. This was really fun to experiment with and I will be using it again in the future. This can be accessed here. The second one I completed was “Consult with your Doctor” where I got to ask Dr. Oblivion a question and got to record my character Dr. Ravioli asking him that question. This was really fun as I got to experiment with AI voice generators and I got to create a voice for my character. Unfortunately they did not have any Greek accents so Dr. Ravioli is British. This can be accessed here. The third and final one I completed was the “Breaking News!” assignment where I got to make an audio recording of a news broadcast. I used the AI text to speak generator and had a lot of fun with this assignment. I got to delve deeper into my character creation of Dr. Ravioli by giving him backstory and showing how important and wealthy he is in this universe. This news broadcast can be accessed here.

My three daily creates this week were super fun to participate in especially the silk threads project, this was really fun to complete as I got to be creative with a beautiful form of technology. I also submitted a photo of a hornbill in its nest that it encloses itself in to keep its eggs safe while the male goes and feeds them, I chose this photo for the secret entrance daily create. For my last daily create this week I completed the “Find the one-armed, half-brained, miniature version of what you do.” and submitted a list of things I can’t not do without feeling unaccomplished for the day. That list was.

  1. Read a few pages of a good book
  1. Go for a walk
  2. crochet

Finally I started brainstorming for my Radio show with other people in the class. I know this will be super fun and I can not wait to start this project. I came up with two Ideas that I think would be super fun to do. This can be accessed here.

Thank you so much for an amazing week! Can’t wait to get started on the next!

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