Week 7 Summary

Cat On A Moped

We did not have a lot due this week but that does not mean It was not worth while. The first thing we were tasked with completing was making some propaganda. I found this super fun to make and even found a new AI Image generator that I love and will continue using from now on. My propaganda can be accessed here. I used google slides to add the text and overall had a really fun time experimenting with this and adding my character Dr. Ravioli. I hope we will be able to make more propaganda in the future.

The second thing we were tasked with completing was making a public service announcement which can be accessed here. I used an AI text to speech generator and had a lot of fun picking a good news/speaking voice. I included my character Dr. Ravioli as always and am so happy to be able to expand his backstory and make him the best mad genius immortal cat he can be. I will never forget about Dr. Ravioli and I genuinely love his character and will keep him close to my heart for ever.

Lastly My daily creates can be accessed here. The were super fun to complete and I can not wait to continue this after break.

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