Video Project Plan

Cat On A Moped

For my video plan I choose to use a back and forth dialogue that I still have yet to find. I do have a clip from Frank Sinatra but its not exactly what I am looking for so I will keep searching. I plan to use wav2lip to make this video work. I am excited to see what happens further. Here is the script I plan on using.

Person 1: AI’s getting a bit too close for comfort lately, don’t you think?

Person 2: Definitely. The rapid advancements are both thrilling and worrisome.

Person 1: Exactly. What if we lose control or AI evolves beyond us?

Person 2: It’s a real concern. We need to ensure it aligns with our values and ethics.

Person 1: Agreed. We must tread carefully into this brave new world of AI.

Person 2: Let’s hope we find the right balance between progress and responsibility.

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