Radio Show Progress Week One

Cat On A Moped

Getting into groups was super fun! I love everyone on my team. The first thing we did was made a group chat on discord where we discussed themes for the Radio show and name Ideas. We all agreed to name it Ravioli Radio and have my character Dr. Ravioli as the host. I made a google doc with everything we will need to complete this assignment and other information that could be handy. We have a short character description in the doc along with an outline for how we want the format of the Radio show to look like. We all have made bumpers and commercials that we linked in the google doc and on Thursday we all zoomed to talk about script and who will be doing what in terms of editing. We are all using text to speech and have almost finished our entire script. We all will be making the audios of our characters speaking their lines and we will be downloading them all onto sound cloud and linking them on the google doc. I think we have a really solid plan and I cant wait to finish this and listen to the final product. Everyone has been contributing and I love the characters we have and I cant wait to delve deeper into the lore of everyone’s character and how they will converse with Dr. Ravioli. Super excited to see how this turns out!!!

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