Cat On A Moped

Instead of Dr. Phil it is Dr. Ravioli, he helps people with their personal technological overuse issues. An example would be someone who is deeply in love with a character AI and thinks they are real, Dr. Ravioli proposes the solution to delete the character Ai and gain 2 million dollars worth of mopeds or continue their sad lonely digital life. The other participants in this radio show could be guest advisors and the ones being interrogated by Dr. Ravioli.

We could also just do a get to know you podcast where the characters talk about their lives and things they have experienced sharing wisdom with the worlds. There could be a prompt such as “young love” or “biggest mistake in your life.” The characters would share stories and discuss how things happened to them and how they feel about things that have happened to other characters. Everyone would be included and would be able to come up with even more backstory to their characters and really develop them into being.


    1. Sarah,

      Dr. Ravioli has read your radio show ideas and thinks they are wonderful, he would love to work with you and whoever decides to join. He is very happy with your obsession towards him and is extited to talk about himself on the radio and share his love for mopeds. He might even discuss his love life and how he was able to marry a lobster.

      -Dr. Ravioli’s Assistant

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