Moon Graffiti

Cat On A Moped

Immediately starting to listen to this audio, I could tell there was something technical going on based on the beeping and sounds of muffled voices that seemed to be coming through a telephone or recording, in this case, a walkie-talkie of some sort. When the spaceship crashes on the moon, you can tell it crashed because of the sound of the impact and radios being cut. They use a lot of different sound effects to show the mood of what is being talked about. More serious music plays when they talk about more important and serious discussions. You can tell who is who with the dialogue, especially with the narrator, not only because of the voice difference but also because of how clearly the narrator is depicted with no environmental sounds, only background music. The characters are in an environment filled with sound, may it be organic or technical. The music also gives us senses of unease and intensity. There is a lot of detail in all of the background noise, such as the pictures being taken and the moon sediment they mess with. Some important aspects of the story include the dialogue, giving us context to what is happening which shapes our imagination into something more concrete and understandable.

The sound creates an atmosphere by having background sound or music indicating different emotions and scenes. You can tell when something is more serious or dangerous based on the intensity of the music. When we hear the clock we understand that their oxygen is running out and so is their time alive.

With Abumrad’s ideas with video, he talks about how we as listeners are “holding the paintbrush” by coming up with our own thoughts and interpretations of what is going on audibly with the story. He mentions Co-Author ship with figuring out together creates a sort of intimacy and empathy. We have to fill this gap of picturelessness together. Throughout this audio, I was imagining what could be happening, how they were moving, and whether they were looking at each other, the moon, or the Earth. When the main characters mention how beautiful “it” is, all I can imagine is them looking down on the earth from the moon and understanding that Earth really is beautiful, even from afar.

This was a really cool story to analyze, I really enjoyed it. The story Moon Graffiti can be listened to below, enjoy 🙂

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