Cat On A Moped

Originally I was going to have a conversation between two people but I had a lot of trouble getting Wav2Lip to work so I changes my script and chose to do this instead. I really like how it came out even thought it took me absolutely ages to figure out Wav2Lip. It is a really interesting script and I think I understand it enough to most definitely not be able to do it again. I honestly have no clue how it worked but I did it and that’s all that matters. This was a fun project but I would say I mostly specialize in audio and not video. Still a really cool thing to mess around with. I used Speechify for the voices and free sound for the music and special effect sounds. I used Canvas to put this all together and I couldn’t download the video with ought having to but Canvas pro so I just screen recorded it (please ignore the water marks). I would say this took me about five hours, just because I couldn’t get Wav2Lip to work, I was very excited when it did end up working. I am excited to see what we have next week, and I am excited to work on my final project soon.

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