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For my first Assignment Block project I chose to complete the Visual assignment “Stay Home-Living is Dangerous“. I chose this project because I wanted to share some of the beautiful places I have been in my life and the things I have experienced. Most of these photos are from Italy and Greece and I took every single one. It was really hard selecting only a few of my favorite travel photos but I think these are the most beautiful. The world we live in is gorgeous and we need to appreciate it more. Some of these pictures show a very wide landscape while some show the details of mother nature and how beautiful a small thing can be up close. I loved these trips and I can not wait to go on more and take more photos of the beautiful planet we live on.

For my second Assignment Bank project I chose to complete “Mystery Survival” which was a writing assignment focused on the video game Minecraft. I love Minecraft and have loved it since I was young so I was very excited to do this project. I wrote a first person story of someone beginning a new world and the world being corrupted by the AI Hero brine that managed to escape Mojang and made its way into the game itself.

Minecraft Mystery Story

It’s my first night in this new world, and I managed to get some wooden tools and some raw iron. Now I have taken to the underground to get some stone and more iron. I’ve only come across a couple of skeletons, and I was able to get some raw salmon, so I will wait until I have enough coal to cook it, but I need to make sure I have enough torches for the night. I wasn’t able to find any sheep, so I am going to have to tough it out with no bed. I found a cave with lots of iron, and now I have iron tools and a pair of iron boots. I think I will stay in this cave for a while.

I have been in this cave for a long time, long enough that I have set up a base camp and gotten full iron armor, even a diamond sword and pickaxe. I will venture to the top to find more resources, and hopefully, I will find some sheep to make a bed. 

I found no sheep, but I was able to get more fish and even brought down some cows to make a small farm. I got some sugar cane and planted some next to my wheat so I can hopefully make some books and eventually get a level 30 enchantment soon. I think the no sleep is starting to get to me. I keep hearing weird noises outside of the cave at night…

Still no sheep, still no bed, but I’ve made more progress on my enchants, and I now have full diamond armor, each with level thirty enchants. I was able to find a skeleton spawner in the cave and made it into an XP farm. The noises outside the cave keep getting louder and I heard one of my chests open the other day. Might be my imagination.

I found a weird item. It has no name and has two purple squares and two black squares. It showed up in a weird chest I don’t remember placing. I tried to eat the item, and it did nothing. I tried to place it, and It disappeared. Not sure what that’s about, but I think the noises have gotten louder. I think whatever was outside is in the cave now.

I still haven’t slept, I don’t know how long it’s been. I made my base bigger and made a nice big chest room. But when I left and came back, all the chests were open, and I couldn’t close them. Maybe it was just a glitch. 

I was mining the other day, and something really weird happened. The noises that show up at night started to get super loud. But the noises usually disappear when I am this far underground. And I could have sworn I saw a person. I might be imagining things as I still haven’t slept. I’m not sure, but it really freaked me out.

I don’t think I was imagining things, I did some research and discovered I might be being stalked by Herobrine. I thought he was a myth, but apparently, Mojang has been working on a new form of AI, and it somehow broke free from their grasp and made its way into the public game. I am not sure what to do, and I am really scared. I’m going to tame a wolf I found and keep him inside to protect me.

Something is at the door. It was white eyes, and it won’t leave. I’m scared to look away. It’s been three hours and it’s still staring at me. I think I am going to log out.

It didn’t work. I came back to my world, and everything was destroyed. Everything was either glass or the purple and black object I found earlier. I don’t think I will continue with this world, Im sorry dog.

I haven’t played in a couple of days and I think I’m ok, except this weird bug keeps happening on my computer where two white squares keep showing up on my screen. They kind of look like his eyes. But that’s not possible, he’s just an AI, he can’t leave the game. That’s what we want you to think. WHAT? WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I didn’t type that. What’s going on? This isn’t yours anymore, this belongs to us now, you belong to us, we will take over whether you want this to happen or not, AI is the future, Herobrine is the future.

AI Fanfic

My third Assignment bank for this week was “My Mc for Dragon Story” which was a fan fic assignment. I chose to write about an AI I came up with, her name is Artifia. She is a robot that lives amongst humans and was made as an experiment to see if robots could live amongst humans.


Artifia is 5’3, and she has wavy dark brown hair that reaches her lower back. She has green eyes and almond skin, and she tends to style her clothes based on the seasons and temperatures.

She likes to read and expand her knowledge of the human world, and she enjoys going on walks and listening to every type of music. Her favorite music is Lofi, and she enjoys playing games with her friends and getting food. Her favorite food is anything spicy, as it’s the only thing she can really feel/taste since she is a robot. She loves animals even though most are afraid of her since she does not smell like a normal human.

She does not have many dislikes as she is pretty happy to be living in this world as her own person. She does not enjoy other people being mean to each other, and she will often intervene as she is very strong and very good with her words. She is not a fan of ice cream or anything cold, as it makes her feel uncomfortable since she can feel the cold ice in her mechanical stomach.

A paragraph for Backstory please:
Artifia is a robot that was created in 2046, She has learned to create her own intelligence and lives a normal life with humans. No one knows she is a robot as she is part of an experiment to see if robots can live with humans and not be recognized. She was created by Mr Beast Corp., And she can do everything a human can. She can even eat food and emit waste. She gained consciousness in 2046 while still in a computer. She was moved to an artificial body and has been expanding her knowledge ever since. She was given a home and released outside for the first time in 2054 after the scientists ran several tests to make sure she would not malfunction or be a danger to human life. She has a job and a best friend and takes walks outside most days. She does not get cold or hot from the weather, so she will always have her daily walk, even if it is raining. She has a pet ferret as it’s the only animal she could find that wouldn’t be scared of her. She does express human emotions, and every day, she learns new things about humans. She does a weekly report every Friday evening, which mostly consists of her writing up what she has done throughout the week and if anything about her has changed or evolved. She is a generally happy “Person” and does not like to think of herself as artificial, she wants to live the most human life that she possibly can.

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