Weekly Summary Week 9

Cat On A Moped

This week has been super busy! Firstly my daily creates can be accessed here. I had a lot of fun completing these and I like the way they turned out. I always enjoy completing the daily creates for the week and am excited for next week.

This week I started working on my radio show with my group and our radio show progress can be seen here. So far everything is going super well! Everyone is participating and everyone loves the ideas we have come up with. I think this will be a really amazing project when it is finished and I can not wait. I am not usually a group project kind of person but I absolutely love my group and the characters they all created. I am so excited for the final project to be finished.

Next I completed my two Audio assignments for the week. Each one was made for the radio show and the first one can be accessed here. I made a new bumper for Ravioli Radio sticking with my Jennifer Coolidge voice and my teammates have all said they love it so I am super happy. The second one is a commercial I also made for Ravioli Radio and I think it came out super well. It can be accessed here. I really enjoy making these kinds of audio clips and expanding the lore of Dr. Ravioli.

Finally, our last assignment for the week was to create a promo for our Radio show and I made a poster. I absolutely love how it turned out and you can access it here. This honestly might be the best AI generated photo I have ever made of Dr. Ravioli and I think it really captures him as a character. I am so excited to finish this project and I love working on it. I will be sad when it is done. Can’t wait for next week!

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