Week Three Assignment Banks

Cat On A Moped

This week we were tasked with completing two Visual or Design assignments from the assignment bank and making at least one of them have to do with the character I created. Dr. Ravioli was very excited to start this task and knew it would be amazing.

Firstly I chose to complete the design task “Your story as a game!” where I had to create a game home screen based off of my character Dr. Ravioli. I used the AI photo generator Bing to make this artwork since this week is focusing on AI photo generators.

I love how this turned out and I think Bing did a really good job at creating what I wanted.


Next I chose to complete the visual assignment “Make a collage of the 4 seasons: Winter, Fall, Summer, and Spring.” But after completing it I realized that I read it wrong because I’m dyslexic and instead of making a collage, I AI generated the four seasons as colleges.

College of Winter

College of Spring

College of Fall

College of Summer

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