Week 7 Daily Creates

Cat On A Moped

This week we were asked to complete three daily creates and I did just that.

The first one I completed was the postage stamp one. This was super fun to play around with and I used one of my saved AI generated images of Dr. Ravioli.

The second Daily Create I completed was the Net Art which was very odd. I think out of everyone mine might be the best because it does show an orange cat on a moped it just clips out some of the rest of the image. Either way this was an interesting tool to learn about.

Lastly I played around with the oscillators and came up with a reason the triangle is so excited. This was interesting and a fun way to be creative.

Side note! I did not know we had to post our daily creates so I apologize, but they are all on mastodon and I have completed every one asked.

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