Week 3 Summary

Cat On A Moped

For my design reflection I watched the three videos and I took notes. It was really interesting to hear about how different types of movies make their posters. I never knew white was mainly associated with comedy until I watched these videos. It makes sense now but It never really clicked. I really enjoyed learning about how the Stranger Things logo was made and how they got inspiration from 90’s related films and added imperfections to the actual T.V. show to make it seem older than it actually is. My design reflection can be seen here.

Secondly I completed the 20 minute photoblitz which was probably my favorite thing we did this week, it can be accessed here. It was really fun getting up and looking around my dorm for things to take pictures of that would fit the themes. I wanted to make each one or at least some of them have some sort of funny aspect. I chose to do the close up picture of the deodorant because I thought it would be funny and intimidating which did get the desired effect as I got a comment on it.

The Middlebury assignment was super interesting and I learned a lot about AI generators, it can be accessed here. I found out that not all of them are good to use and not all of them can create the desired image. I found Bing to be better than Stable Diffusion. Stable diffusion was only good at following one direction while Bing was able to include everything I said. I really liked experimenting with these photo generators and even incorporated them in my assignment banks for the week since AI is a subject we have been focusing on. I chose to complete a design task first and used Dr. Ravioli as my muse. The task was to create a game home screen with a character you created. So I asked Bing to create a game home screen with an orange can named Dr. Ravioli riding a moped and it made the best thing I have ever seen. The assignment Banks tasks can be seen here. The second one I sort of misunderstood but I liked my results so I posted those instead of doing a new assignment. The task was to “Make a collage of the 4 seasons: Winter, Fall, Summer, and Spring.” but I accidentally read collage as college and made season themed universities instead.

The daily creates were really fun this week. I did three but one was a little late. The first one I got to find a GIF that represented the first job I had and I chose a baby woodworking as I was a camp counselor out at a woodworking camp and helped the younger kids use the big tools and measure their creations. The second one was really fun and got me thinking about who I am and how I want people to perceive me. I chose the song Dancing Queen because its fun and honestly just such a good song to walk up to. The third one was probably my favorite, I got to create an art piece that resembled my experienced with falling asleep and dreaming. When I fall asleep and start to dream it feels like a spiral so I wanted that to be the main focus.

I absolutely love commenting on other peoples posts and responding to comments on my own. I am having so much fun with Dr. Ravioli and other people are as well. I have made a lot of OC’s in my life but he is by far my favorite one. I can not wait to see more of what other people create in this class.

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