Week 2 Weekly Summary

Cat On A Moped

Week Twooooooooooo!!

This week has been a doozy, but I have been having so much fun, especially with the daily creates! I have a set time each day to make sure I don’t forget to complete them, and each time the prompt comes out, I get very excited. So far, each one has come with its own challenges and its own solutions, but each time I have completed one, I have been happy with the result. I have been making sure to be creative and work thoroughly while also having fun expressing myself.

The assignment bank was a pleasant surprise this week. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in these assignments and I also enjoyed incorporating AI in two of them. The first one I did was a visual assignment that focused on inspirational posters that had phrases that meant the opposite of what was shown. This assignment can be seen at the top of the Assignment Bank page on my blog. I chose to show pictures of my traveling experience and how beautiful the earth can be if you explore it and made sure to emphasize the natural beauty of the world.

The second assignment bank I completed was a Minecraft Mystery, which can be seen under my inspirational poster on the Assignment Bank page on my Blog. Since I had to incorporate AI in this somehow, I chose to write about a story of a new mine crafter logging on to a new Minecraft world and not being able to find sheep to make a bed, he finds himself becoming very anxious as he starts to hear weird noises outside his cave since he hasn’t slept in days. Turns out it was Herobrine who managed to get away from Mojang and found its way into the Minecraft game as an evil AI. Herobrine ends up taking over the main character’s computer, and that is the last we hear of him. I really enjoyed this assignment as I am a bit of a Minecraft nerd, and I really enjoy the game and have enjoyed it since I was very young. I have always been very fascinated with Herobrine and I even thought I saw him a couple of times in my Minecraft worlds when I was younger.

The third and final Assignment bank I chose was to write the beginnings of a fan fic. Since I still had to incorporate AI into this assignment, I chose to write about a robot named Artifia, who was made as an experiment to see if robots could live amongst humans without being recognized as non-human. I had a lot of fun creating this character and thinking about what I wanted for this world and this robot. She is an AI that has become what she thinks to be human and refuses to believe otherwise. She is strong and wants the world to be equal and peaceful. This was a very fun exercise.

I have been spending some time on and off learning about how to customize my blog and make it look somewhat how I want it to look. I like the direction it is going in, and I and very excited to keep learning about how to mess with it and make it more unique. I think it still has a long way to go, but I like how it looks for now.

I think I have been participating pretty well in this class. I have made comments on several people’s posts and made sure to answer the comments on mine. I am still trying to figure out how to use Mastodon, so there is not much activity on there, but I have been actively participating in commenting on my community posts.

Creating my online character has, by far been my favorite thing we have done in this class. I have decided to keep with the theme of Cat on a Moped and based my character on that cat. I absolutely love Dr. Ravioli, and I have already gotten some comments from people who love him almost as much as I do. His description can be seen here. I had so much fun creating him, and I absolutely love how he turned out, I wish he were real. I made sure to answer all of the questions from the character creator form and added some extra context and story to some of them. Dr. Ravioli is a mad genius who loves his mopeds and is obsessed with himself, almost as much as I am obsessed with him. I dont think there could be a better runner of this blog than the Dr. himself.

I love Dr. Oblivion, and I love how sassy he can be. He refused to answer my question about what his favorite color was because he didn’t think it was important. I think it is important, but what he says goes. I read The Techno-Optimist Manifesto, and I absolutely loved it. I linked it to my film review on WALL-E and made sure to include my thoughts, reactions, and reflections. I also let Dr. Oblivion read it, and he agreed with everything I said and only mentioned adding a little bit about how we should make sure to use AI safely. You can read my Overview of The Techno-Optimist Manifesto here.

When it comes to my film review, I let Dr. Oblivion read it, and he didn’t really have any suggestions on how to increase my points on AI. I think I did pretty well on this assignment and made sure to talk about AI and how it can evolve and impact us. I made a few changes, but overall, not much, as I think this answers the required questions. Here is the link.


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