Video Assignments Week 6

Cat On A Moped

My last assignment bank I chose this week was the 30 Second Memory. I had to make a collage film incorporating clips from a memory and I chose my first cruise last summer. My parents and I went with my grandparents and we toured the Caribbean. It was so much fun and relaxing, I ended up having to cut a lot of photos because it was way longer than 30 seconds. I ended up getting it to 31 seconds which I think is as god as it will get. I used ClipChamp to make this video and it was a lot of fun. I used some free music ClipChamp offered and added some fade transitions to each of the photos. This was a really cool project and I really enjoyed getting to look back on this amazing memory. I got to relive some of my favorite moments such as when we celebrated my birthday on the cruise and I was serenaded by one our our favorite waiters and given a beautiful cake I got to share with my family. Overall this was a very fun assignment and I learned a lot more on how to edit videos and make collage videos.

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