Overview of The Techno-Optimist Manifesto

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Relates or contrasts to the film WALL-E

The quote, “It is time, once again, to raise the technology flag. It is time to be Techno-Optimists.” seems like something someone would have said in WALL-E. The humans in that film let robots take over so they could live in luxury and not have to worry about anything. They used technology to their advantage, and both this article and the film WALL-E believe growth is progress. The author explains that they think AI can save lives, and we have seen that countless times in WALL-E, from the defibrillator robots and doctor robots to the robots who help restore humanity by bringing them back to earth.


I think technology is how we continue. It is not something we should be pushing aside. It is something we should be advancing. A lot of the things we have today will be gone at some point, we cannot continue to rely on greenhouse gasses and natural resources as they will be all used up. Growing is an important part of the human race, and it should not stop. Technology has fixed so many of our problems, and I think it has the resources to fix so many more, only if we let it. I think we have the power to fix the awful wrongdoings of this earth with technology, and it has been proven that we have already fixed many. I agree with them that AI can save lives. It has so much potential to solve many of our health issues, but only if we let it. Energy is an extremely helpful tool that we require to feel safe and comfortable, without it, there is darkness.


I really like how the author talks about natural resources and how we won’t have them forever. We need to continue to grow to find new ways of sustaining ourselves further. It’s crazy how we haven’t expanded in our use of AI, it can be used in so many ways and can help us come up with cures for diseases and help those who are sick. Maybe AI can be the solution we need to find a cure for cancer. The continuous mention of natural resources within this article makes me very happy, especially since the author thinks technology will be able to stop the environmental degradation we started. Climate change and pollution a major problem and if we do not address these issues soon, we won’t have an earth to explore AI on, we won’t be alive.


Humans are meant to evolve, and growing technologically is a part of that. It is important that we continue to grow. AI is a very much unappreciated tool that needs to be explored more as we continue as a human race. We need to continue our use of AI as it could be the solution to all of the many problems we face as humans, but we also need to make sure we are being ethical in its use so we do not start to go down the wrong path.

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