Cat On A Moped

For this project I was tasked with using two different AI photo generators to produce an image using the exact same prompt. I chose to use Stable Diffusion and Bing to generate my images.

My prompt was “An orange cat in a spaceship with a moped headed to Saturn”

The first AI photo Generator I used was Stable Diffusion

This was the worst of the two images created because it does not show a moped, it does not really show a distinguishable space ship and it doesn’t even show the destination to mars. The cat is amazing looking and looks very real but other than that I was very disappointed.

The second AI photo generator I used was Bing.

This image was 100 times better than the first. not only does it include a space ship and a moped but it also shows Saturn. This image even gave me the idea of changing a bit of my characters story line to have the spaceship he owns to be a moped type spaceship. I absolutely love this image and I think it came out really well and it doesn’t look AI generated.

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