Cat On A Moped

Be prepared to have your life changed, Dr. Ravioli has a lot to say.

Dr. Ravioli is a chunky Orange Cat that thinks himself a mad Genius (because he is). He is immortal and was born on August 8th 1602 in the beautiful country of Greece. He has a Doctorate in animal husbandry and his occupation is obviously Moped Rider and he has been divorced a total pf 36 times by an assortment of living creatures, a lobster being one of them. His favorite food consists of fish sticks and cucumbers (he fears nothing) and his favorite drink is a pina colada (specifically in his hot tub with one of his many mopeds). His favorite color is obviously orange because that’s what he is and it should be everyones favorite color as its the best one ever. his favorite book to read is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and his favorite movie of all time is Velocipastor, he thinks the movie was made before its time just because of how good it is, hes seen it over 248 times. He has an extreme talent for pen spinning and his favorite possesions are his mopeds. His personal Motto is “I got 99 problems and a moped ain’t one.”

You are very welcome to have met Dr. Ravioli, This will not be the last you see of him and he will become the supreme lord of Earth (unless humans destroy it, then he’s moving to Saturn). He has a secret base that has a space ship that can take him there with all of the necessary equipment (his mopeds). Time doesn’t matter as he is immortal so he will just ride his mopeds and spin pens for 8 years until he gets there.


  1. Dr. Ravioli.. i love you!! I have a question for Dr. Ravioli: does he chill with anyone else in the hot tub or just the mopeds? Personally, I think Dr. Ravioli could use a friend but maybe it’s not my place to say that!

    1. Dr. Ravioli often hot tubs with his mopeds but sometimes he brings in his ex wives. Don’t tell his first wife Martha she will get mad at him.

  2. Hi, Dr. Ravioli! I am a huge fan. I have a quick question for you: how many mopeds do you have, exactly? And would you be willing to part with one for a devoted fan (asking for a friend)?

    1. Hello Emily,

      Dr. Ravioli owns 37 mopeds (one to replace each wife) and no he is not willing to part with them ever, but if you wish he will give you a paw stamp for you to get it tattooed on your forehead.

  3. I actually studied with Dr. Ravioli at the University of Cambridge when I was completing my dissertation. Excellent scholar!

    1. Yes he remembers you, he has gone to many a universities and him being able to remember you should be a great honor on your part. Thank you for reaching out to Dr. Ravioli, he is an excellent scholar.

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