Cat On A Moped

Dr. Ravioli has been working with the mega-multi-national corporation Aggressive Technologies for some years now. He is partners with them as he is experimenting in AI and has been trying to incorporate them into his moped manufacturing plant “Baby Kitty” and his hospital “Dr. Ravioli Hospital.” He hopes to install an AI assistant in all of the mopeds that sound and look exactly like Dr. Ravioli. He plans to take over the world even electronically but no one knows that yet. He has been spreading the news on his radio show Dr. Ravioli Radio and he has been getting audience approval to continue with these adjustments. He also plans to create a whole new moped that will change all mopeds forever. By working with Aggressive Technologies (which he plans to buy out) he is able to use their equipment and expertise to make his dreams a reality. He is currently workshopping a flying moped that will eventually take him to space where he plans to build a city on Saturn. He is very friendly with the workers at Aggressive especially the founder David. He is unfortunately not very well liked by his receptionist Cheyenne as she was his 35th wife and she is still a little upset Dr. Ravioli moved on from her so quickly. He has been trying to win back their friend ship buy giving her as many mopeds as she desires but all she wants is the secret formula to the infamous fish stick factory that mysteriously burned down a few months ago. She is not sue how he managed to rescue the secret formula and not the 36 casualties but she knows what she wants and she will continue to make Dr. Raviolis life very difficult at Aggressive Technologies until the day she dies (She is immortal thanks to Dr. Ravioli). Dr. Ravioli is excited to continue working on his mopeds and achieving the impossible with his friend Dave.


    1. Dr. Ravioli thinks he can persuade Dave into helping in this mission. Dr. Ravioli has been planning on taking over Aggressive Technologies since he is a monopolizer. He is excited to talk to Lady Alice about future plans.

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