Completed Radio Show Progress

Cat On A Moped

This week my group and I worked together to finish recording and script making. We all contributed to make this project the best it can be. We all made a ton of commercials using a multitude of different tools. I used Speechify to make most of the audio for my commercials and edited and added music using audacity. We all agreed to have all of our dialogue recorded by Tuesday and we all met that goal. This project has been going super smoothly even though we found out today that it was a couple minutes short of thirty minutes. We all came together to add more dialogue and commercials to fill in the extra space and I think it has come out super well. Dr. Ravioli has a lot of air time which I am not upset about, I absolutely love his character and I am happy to know that he has a very big fan base. This Project has been super fun and I will be sad when it it officially finished but I know it is going to be amazing.

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